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The Concept of the Art Decoration

Painting decoration - a contemporary lyrical evocation of Jewish life

The newly reconstructed and revived complex of Jewish buildings in the very heart of the former Jewish settlement was opened at the end of 2005.
It´s painting decoration is a narrative visual poem, which unwinds in time as the visitor moves through the space. A poem that can be read from different sides and angles; a poem, which you can enter and linger over.

The sources of this art work - an image successively and continually coming in layers on the individual  storeys - spring from the space itself and its immensely inspiring, colourful and moving history, from Jewish traditions and the life of Jewish communities as they existed in our common environment until the fatal destructive historical watershed.

The workmanship of the wall paintings is not limited by "verbatim imitation" or "adornment" of the magical space. It works with surprising associations using playfulness and apertures, which present themselves to the viitor and lead his wandering eye.

The spectrum of artistic means spans from chiaroscuro inspired by the Galician style, mixing elements of the Italian Reneissance with folk patterns and Jewish symbolism, from fragments of shiny colourfulness to a graphical elaboration of motives perceived and carried out in a completely contemporary way.
It intentionally avoids Hebrew script and text fields, chaotic structures and congested decor. It brings out airy compositions combining styles of different ages, materials and techniques. Within the unified painting style and its graphical elaboration an evocation of the Empire style meets the Baroque, the Biedermeier and the Renaissance, and merges with the architectural plan or contemporary photography.

Springs of inspiration burst not only from Jewish life and culture but also from their living together and acceptance by the man of today. The decoration as such doesn´t imitate the inimitable - it isn´t a living museum of Jewish culture.
It doesn´t deny that it arose in the year 5766 - which is the year 2005. A.D...
In our geographical widths there is at the moment an isolated attempt to receice Judaism by an artist of non-Jewish origin, the contemporary Moravian painter and graphic designer Vít Ondráček. It is the reflection of a reflection, screened back on historical spaces.


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