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Mikulov Castle

The most obvious and perhaps the most famous landmark of Mikulov was originally a royal, later Liechtenstein Castle. In 1575 he moved to lock power Ditrichstein. After a devastating fire in 1945 it was rebuilt in its present form, to which inherently includes the chateau park - an ideal place for a quiet, undisturbed walks.

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Holly Hill

If you are coming to the city from the south or east, will be rewarded us a beautiful view of the protracted hill with white rocks, slopes partially covered by forest, with white pilgrimage church of Sv. Sebastian, a bell tower and other buildings of the cross on top. The historic beauty of the city is that in rare agreement with the work of nature.

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Goat castle

It is one of three rocky dominants of Mikulov. On the Goat Hill, situated behind the seat to prevent access to the castle, was built in the 15th century two-storey artillery tower with a walkway, broken especially the 1st firing position. Today here we look at the entire urban area, which conveys a strange atmosphere full of romance and magic .

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The Dietrichstein crypt

Dietrichstein crypt, closing today eastern side of the square, is a building with a turbulent history. Cardinal Francis Dietrichstein after papal permission from 1623 founded at the Capuchin Monastery tzv.Loretu, imitation of Santa Casa (Holy House) in Loreto, Italy, over which was built in 1656 and consecrated the church of saint Anny.

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Mikulov square

Each stone built into Mikulov houses tells more than eight hundred years old story of the city, which will not leave you in no doubt that you are in a place where steeped in history and history is shaped. The natural center of the city in its present form was created in the last decades of the 16th century, moving the main square in close proximity to the entrance to the chateau.

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The Jewish cemetery

Renowned Jewish cemetery with an area of 19,180 square meters is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Moravia, not only for its size but also its importance. It is distributed on the edge of the former Jewish neighborhood on the slope of Goat Hill. The most visited part of the Mikulov Jewish cemetery is called. Rabbinic top, where local rabbis were buried, and since the mid-16th century also the Moravian provincial rabbis.

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Lednice-Valtice complex

The majestic palaces are surrounded by vast gardens. Adjusted beds covers floral carpet. The undulating acres of golden fields merge into greenish forests. Romantic landscape adorned with ponds, whose shimmering surface dotted with water lilies. Along the marked paths worth many magnificent buildings. All this created hand in hand with nature Lichtenstein.

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Bycicle touring

Mikulov and the whole region to you directly encourages cycling. The landscape around Mikulov and Palava Hills interwoven network of well-marked bike trails, including several long-distance and international routes. On the trail, so you can go on a bike without worrying about a route can be individually planned according to physical fitness or your interests.

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Novomlýnské nádrže

Attraction for all lovers of swimming, water sports and fishing are Novomlýnské nádrže. In particular, recreation centers with natural reservoirs are the most popular places for lovers of holiday near water. There are sandy and grassy beach with gradual entry into the water, a water slide, children's playground, bouncy castle, funfair and other attractions.

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