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Spring salad with smoked trouth, radishes, quail egg, cold dill dressing and croutons * 
Carpaccio of beef marinated in pesto of basil, jalapeňo peppers and Parmesan* 
 Paté of rabbit with rhubarb - onion jam* 


White asparagus cream with bacon chips* 
Broth of beef ribs with meat, vegetables and homemade noodles (fresh garlic at request)* 


Grilled zander with barley risotto with ramsons* 
 Fillet of trout with broccoli purée, cherry tomatoes and chives sauce* 

 Specialities of chef

Roasted leg of lamb with buttermilk sauce and potato - spinach gnocchi* 
Grilled pork loin with "farmer salad"* 

Main courses

Chicken breast stuffed with dried tomatoes and mozzarella, pasta Tagliatelle with pesto of basil* 
Veal "Stroganov" with mushrooms, capers, cucumber Cornichons and jasmine rice* 
Schnitzel of veal with spring potato salad* 
Turkey medallions with broccoli, fine mustard sauce and mashed potatoes* 
Saddle of rabbit wrapped in bacon with carrot and pea risotto* 
Steak of beef sirloin with herb butter, sauce of green pepper and fries* 
Freshly mixed tartare of beef sirloin with quail egg served with toasted garlic bread* 
Pasta Tagliatelle with pieces of salmon in creamy sauce with dill* 

Lunch salads and vegetarian dishes

Salad with strawberries, fresh goat cheese, nuts and leaves of young salad with balsamico* 
Baked goat cheese with honey, rucola salad with nuts and fries from sweet potatoes * 
Cauliflower burgers with potato purée and herb dip* 
Mix of leaf salad with fried or grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan and Caesar's dressing* 

Side salads

Cucumber salad* 
Mixed vegetable salad* 
Tomatoes salad with shallot* 
 Rucola salad with nuts* 

Children´s menu

Fried chicken strips with potato purée* 
 Home-made ducat buns with vanilla cream* 


Panna cotta with caramel, hazelnuts and strawberries* 
Chocolate cake with lemon ice cream* 
Selection of fruit sorbets (apple, maracuja, raspberry)* 

Delicacies to beer and wine

Selection of local hand made cheeses with rosehip jam* 
Selection of local hand made cheeses with rosehip jam* 
Homemade potato chips with dip of blue cheese* 
Freshly roasted almonds* 

Side dishes

Boiled potatoes with butter and parsley* 
Potato purée* 
Mashed potatoes with bacon* 
French fries* 
French fries from sweet potatoes* 
Vegetable stewed on butter*  
Spring potato salad* 
Jasmine rice* 
Rolls, bread* 
* These dishes may contain allergens: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14

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