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Hotel Templ

The Templ Hotel can cosily accommodate up to 34 guests in 17 rooms with 12 extra beds. 7 rooms including suites are in the main building and 10 rooms are situated in the adjacent Art Nouveau building. The comfortable rooms are tastefully decorated and offer a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. The style and layout of the hotel fully corresponds to the demands of people of different age groups. Guests who appreciate a quiet meditative environment will feel at home here, as well as clients who seek a social atmosphere with opportunities for active recreation.

Renaissance House

There are 7 hotel rooms in the Renaissance House. The names of the rooms and their décors are inspired by flora and viticulture indigenous to the Palava Hills. Besides the stylish rooms in the main part of the house you will also find a reception, a wine bar, a restaurant, bar and the hotel wine cellar, where our guests can take part in a guided wine tasting.

1. Spring Pheasant's Eye

1. Hlaváček jarní

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2. Harebell

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3. Siberian Iris

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4. Pinot Noir

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5. Irsay Oliver

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6. Spring Snowflake

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7. Apricot

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Room layout within the hotel


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