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Accommodation price list


It's necessary to check in until 20:00 (8 pm.). A later check-in must be announced in advance. After 20:00 (8 pm.) the reservation will be canceled.


Service price
for two people, two extra beds in a separate room included in the price
2690,- Kč  / night
+ Breakfast for persons
on extra bed
Double room

Room 2,3

1850,- Kč / night
Double room

Room 8,9,10,11,12,14

1750,- Kč / night
Double room occupied by one person 1390,- Kč / night
Double room with air conditioning

(possibility of 2 extra beds)
Room 4,5,6,7

1950,- Kč / night
Double room with air conditioning

(possibility of extra bed)
Room 15,16,17

1950,- Kč / night
Small double room Room 13 1490,- Kč / night
Extra bed 350,- Kč / night
+ 100,- Kč breakfast
Breakfast included in the price
Children up to six years acommodation
free of charge
+ 50,- Kč breakfast
Baby cot free of charge

We accept the following payment cards: EC/MC, VISA, AMEX, JCB, DINERS, MAESTRO.


Cancellation Policy

When cancelling your reservation the following cancellation fees apply:

  • From 30 days to 20 days before arrival: 30% of the total price,
  • from 19 days to 9 days before arrival: 50% of the total price,
  • from 8 days to 2 days before: 80% of the total price,
  • later than 1 day prior to arrival or during your stay: 100% of the total price.


Online booking

The following form serves as on-line demand for accommodation. We just need a few details about you. If you want you can also select the rooms you wish to book. After submitting your booking request expect confirmation from our reception.

Personal details

Contact details, arrival and departure. Please fill in all the fields.

Please fill in your name. Please fill in the number of persons Please fill in the date of your arrival. Please fill in the date of departure. Please fill in your mobile phone number. Please fill in a valid e-mail address.

Preferred rooms

Please select rooms in Renaissance house which are to be included in the reservation.

Rooms in Art Nouveau house

Please select rooms in Art Nouveau house which are to be included in the reservation.

By sending the reservation, you accept the Pricing and cancellation conditions.