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Weekend in Mikulov

Term: friday - sunday

Enjoy your free weekend in remarkable Mikulov and new energy for the next working days in south Moravia.

4450,- / 2 pe

Autumn in Mikulov

Term: monday - friday

Are you tired of gray in autumn? Come into the historic town of Mikulov and enjoy autumn in south Moravia.

7800,- / 2 pe

Trip to Mikulov

Term: May - September

Visit the most famous monuments in Mikulov and the surrounding region. Explore local bike trails on wheels.

6990,- / 2 per

Swimming holiday

Term: June - September

Why spend long hours in the car travelling abroad, when we have everything to your satisfaction here in Mikulov?

4550,- / 2 per

Two-days stay

Term: throughout the year

Looking for an interesting place for fun and relaxation? When you come to Mikulov, surely you can find the right one!

6200,- / 2 per

Senior package

Term: November - March

Package for seniors over 60 years from November to March,valid from Monday to Friday

5450,- / 2 per

Your package

Term: on request

We will prepare a special package, customized to your wishes and needs


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